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Hiring equipment for your next Brisbane event.

When planning an event it's vital to have a clear understanding of exactly what equipment you’ll need for it to be successful. Whether it’s a celebration, or a ceremony, the list can be long, and it can be frustrating. Finding a company that specialises in event hire can dramatically reduce your burden.
The obvious things needed for almost all events come to mind easily, catering equipment hire, a marquee, tables and chairs, and portable toilets.
Imagine this scenario. Your guests are leisurely milling in and around your indoor entertainment area, or your marquee, some are seated comfortably on linen covered chairs eating, while others are chatting as they sip chilled drinks from hired wine glasses. So, you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing your guest’s every need and comfort have been covered, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, this event could be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference

When filled with a lot of people even the largest marquee could use a cooling system to help keep everyone comfortable. A cooling system is especially beneficial when covering a wedding hire - a nervous, overheated bride or groom could spell disaster on an extremely important day.
If your event is expected to continue into the evening when the temperature may drop substantially, keep a selection of charcoal braziers in mind, they’re practical and add delightful ambience. For safety, don’t forget to hire fire extinguishers, making sure their locations are known to all your guests.
Another small detail that can make an enormous difference to your guest’s enjoyment is the addition of a Bug Zapper. Remember to position your Zapper just outside the main party area near a bright light. Bugs will be attracted to the light away from your party lights, and zapped bugs won’t be dropping on your guests.
For party hire, Brisbane summertime guests are likely to appreciate insulated containers or large cooling tubs filled with ice and refreshments.
Don’t forget dancing and parties go together so consider adding a dance floor to your hire list. If you’re expecting indoor dancing a temporary parquetry floor will look fabulous, and also help save your own floor from accidental scratches. Outdoor dancing requires a different approach - a raised, portable dance floor will help protect your lawn, and your guests wearing heeled shoes will appreciate your consideration.
Other useful event hire items to keep in mind are extra long, heavy duty electrical leads, wheelie and re-cycle bins, silent generators, and one extremely important item: a large bottle of helium for inflating the hundreds of balloons no party is complete without.
All of these items, and many more, are available for you to hire. Remember to include the small things in your event planning and your next event is likely to be a resounding success. A truly memorable occasion for all the right reasons.
If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding area Queensland's Hire event and wedding hire can help with all your hiring needs.

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