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Gas Spit Roaster Hire

	Gas Spit Roaster Hire - Event Hire Brisbane


Using a gas spit roaster is a much easier way to cook a whole beast than the traditional charcoal spit roaster. Here's why:

  • A gas spit roaster comes with a large dome lid and racks inside to mount the beast on so there is no need to visit your butcher to get the beast spiked.
  • It's simple to use - just place the meat on the rack inside the spit roaster, start the burner, shut the dome lid and let it do the cooking for you.
  • There are fewer chores to do with no need to tend to the turning of the spit roast and looking after the right heat and fire.
  • Cooking time is faster using a gas spit roaster compared to the charcoal spit since this method is not bothered by environmental factors such as wind and rain.
  • Cooking is not messy and no smoke is produced.

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